Earthflower Poetry

 I am the Light of this World✨

“If you are the big tree, we are the small axe, ready to cut you down, these are, the Words of my Master, telling you that, No Evil shall prosper”

As, for me, this has been the Most Enlightening years.

I walked out of my Life 3 years ago, to become an Independent being, as I did not want to be part of Societies Conditions.

During this Inward Revolution, I discovered my True Self, a Free Spirit, which I truly am.

I am, a Mirror for many others.

I was asked to be on the Covers of Magazines, still, within this journey, I have experienced many ups and downs.

Wandering alone, from place to place, is exciting, yet quite challenging.

Mirroring on Social Media is Cool, yet totally different.

As, I post my stories online for all to read, and judge, Now, because of this, My Life is an open book, ready to be criticized.

To care what others think of me, as a Liberated Being, I had to transform this thought, of caring, into not caring.

To be Ridiculed publicly, by the people I thought, I could trust, was a first for me, as I was really private before.

I would have never, share anything that was personal for me, to anyone, and especially not Online.

Yet, my Writing Career, which I am Incredibly Passionate for, pushed me in this direction.

As for me, the mark of Great Mirroring Writer, is One that it’s Life, is an Open Book.

By doing this, others are able, to relate to my Stories.

As to the misinformed rumors spread about me, as a Yoga Teacher, Healer, Lightworker, and Writer, can be very damaging to ones Career.

As this comes from an Evil Eye, a person that sees another, through the Eyes of Duality, which is the Eye of Ego.

Because of this, I wasn’t asked that much for work, as I was being judged.

But this has taught me, to Never Dim my Light for Anyone, To never Give Up on my Dreams, as, To not be Naive.

To Stand in my Truth,

To Remove all, that doesn’t Serve my Path in Life,

To Keep Moving Forward,

To Keep my Faith in God,

As Only I, have the Ability, to bring I down.

I have Discovered,

That I am the Light of this World,

So, I Choose,

To Shine Bright.


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