Earthflower Spirituality

Blank Book📒

Everyone, can Choose, 

To Leave, the past behind.

To Release, what was needed.

To Grow, from the Lessons.

To Change, from Within.

To Rise Above, the challenges.

To Prove, to None.

To Redeem itself, through God.

To End a chapter, of ones Life,

To Close the Book, of past ghosts.

As Life is awaiting, one as Life,

With Infinite new Beginnings, and Possibilities.

A Blank, New Book.

Everyone, can Choose, to start Completely Fresh.

To Start re-writing, ones Chapters.

With Jah, in ones hands,

A New Sight,

A Cleared Mind,

An Open Heart,

A Free Spirit.

As only You, have the Power, 

To say Yes or No, to your own Life.

Always Choose, for yourself,

What your Heart longs for,

This will set you Free.

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