Earthflower Poetry

A Majestic New Song💙

A Past Lover,

Transitioned, into 

A Soul Friend, 

And, Forever, 

A Loyal Best Friend.

As Love Never Dies,

It Cycles into,

Infinite New Beginnings.


Blossoms like a Flower,

As One, 

Waters its Flowers,

It Grows,










And Peace.

It Recycles the Old,

To Rebirth, into the New.

It Opens, the Flower of Life,

Connecting the Souls,

That have Walked,

Endless Previous Lives.

It Ignites the Light,

That Purifies the Clouds,

That was once, Ones Darkest Hours.

It Sheds Rainbow upon the Souls,

That are Connected, 

For Infinity and Beyond.

Jonito, I Cherish and Honor,

Your Entire Eternal Life,

For the Rest, 

Of My Eternal Life.

Gratitude as a word, cannot even Comprehend, 

Into what your Actions, Words as our Experiences together has meant for me,

Throughout the 10 years, since we have Bonded on this Earthly Life.

You are a Powerful Lightworker,

A Beam of Magical Light.

Embrace the New and Never look Back.

I Am So Proud of You !

I Love you Unconditionally !

The Universe has your Back Always,

Keep Shining Bright,

Keep Moving Forward.

Create a Majestic,

New Song,

You are,

A Chosen One.

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