Earthflower Spirituality

Spiritual Transition💛

Within a Spiritual Transition, 

One is transforming, from Person to Presence, 

From a Dream Unconsciousness State, into an Awaken Consciousness State.

As One is Awakening, into Ones Truth.

Some might ask, What is Truth ?

Well, this is the Essence, of who One is, which is Soul.

As, One is Now, Merging Mind, into Heart.

The Ego Mind, are Low Vibrated Thoughts as Actions, which are, basically created, within Incarnated Lifetimes, 

On the other hand, the Heart, are High Vibrated Thoughts and Actions,

It is the Essence, of who one is, which is ones Soul. 

The Ego, has layers of earthly conditions, Heart, is Pure and Empty.

As, one is truly Born empty, the conditions, are created, through, ones Reincarnated Earthly Life Experiences. 

When, one is in a Spiritual Transition, one is emptying, the layers of conditions, this in Spiritual Practice, we call, returning Home, or Walk to the Heart.

Within, a Spiritual Transition, one experiences, sensations of confusion, as lost, 

As one is losing, the bad habits, the conditions, as the people, that, are no longer serving ones path.

These, can come as, fears, distrust, doubts, past friends, a job, ego minded desires, and so on.

All of which is, not attracting ones spacial vibrations, anymore.

When, one transforms, these mental conditions into Heart, one becomes, a Beacon of Light.

As, One is Now, Fully Heart.

Heart, can be Direct and Straightforward, but it is Always, of Love.

Here, One moves, As a Consciousness Being, within, the Play of Life, and not as, An Unconsciousness One. 

As one let’s go, learns, transforms, grows and moves on, one is Changing, and this Change, is Magical,

Be, The Change.


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