Earthflower Spirituality

Spiritual Transformationđź’š

As one is going through a Spiritual Transformation, it is like, one is being washed, inside a washing machine.

As for me, I am cleansing from the inside out, my journey is being, tested in many ways, yet, I am growing fully from within.

My Social Media Lifestyle, has been Tested greatly, my phone, was hacked, fake rumors, have been spread, about me.

Which made me, delete and unfollow many contacts, as to step away, from Facebook as Instagram, for a while, as I was in Distrust.

Yet, it is during these moments, was when I Grew the Most.

As Distrust, a sensation, of which, I thought, I had fully transformed, came to visit me, because, if, I say, I am one with Life, I should be able to accept all of Life, yet it was not fully so.

During these moments, is when, I needed to enter stillness with this, I mean to step back and to detach from all of the Social Media Madness.

As to observe Life, from, a broader and much Higher Perspective, if others judgements or projections about me, can defeat my faith, in myself, as in God.

As to see, what inside me, still, needed to be Transcended.

In Stillness, is when, I am able to See Life, more clearer than ever, that Love, Peace, Compassion, Appreciation, Support, Forgiveness, and, Understanding, starts with me, as if I have, all of this Magic for myself, I am able, to give it back to others, this is my, Own Love, of the Self.

To never take Life too seriously, as stillness, is Consciousness, which is fully, detached, from, the Unconsciousness Mind, here, I am, one with Infinite Love. 

As, for All, of Life,

We Are One. 


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