Earthflower Spirituality

The Love of Consciousness­čĺÜ

We are Spirit Beings.

Before Incarnation we chose a Form.

It is like, we as Souls are in Heaven, staring at a display of Forms.

Our Spirit Guides, the Angels, which are guiding us in this Plane, are also with us during the choosing of Forms.

We have an option, of different Forms, Planets and Dimensions. 

The Soul, has the free will, to choose the above stated, for its, Incarnation Journey.

Our Soul Guides, acts as a guide, when choosing the best suitable Form for the Current Incarnation. 

The Form that the Soul will choose, is the one that brings to most, Wisdom, Transformation, Growth and Awakening.

Before entering, the Game called Life, this Soul, is Highly Aware, of what Growth it needs.

The Soul doesn’t choose, the most Lavish or Abundance life, just for mere Pleasure, or the most Simple or Scarcity life just for mere Suffering.

The Life Experiences chosen, are always for a Greater Purpose, which is, for Awakening into Conscious Truth. 

Remember, we have Endless Lifetimes.

This is not Ones, First Lifetime.

Maybe, this Lifetime started, with obstacles and dark experiences.

But it is through darkness, that, one is able to reach, Enlightenment.

Quite often, it is through, suffering that one is able, to reach God.

Most of the times, the ones who are going, through the rut, are the Souls, that God has, a Special Plan, as Purpose for them.

As Life, is ones, Friend.

Not at all, an Enemy.

Life is always, a Beginning never, an end.

As Life always, Goes On.
It never stops.
Our Spirit, is Life. 
Our Lives, are Masterfully Chosen, for our Highest Greatness.
When Life brings you, whatever, needs to be transformed.
Within Chaos, or Stillness.
Know, that you are the Director, of your own Consciousness play.
You are the Actor and Actress, of your own Consciousness play.
You are the Awareness, of your own Consciousness play.
All as One.
As the Self.
You can never, be broken.
As the Self is apart, of the Play.
It is the One, that Unfolds, the Play,
Within, your own Endless Space. 
Your Spirit Eye, that, observers the Play, is the only Permanent truth.
The Unchanged.
The Untouched.
The Unbroken.
The Love of Consciousness.


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