Earthflower Poetry

Unconditional Love❤️


Starts, with oneself.

It is, to know that,


As so, I Honor, myself, completely.

Here one is looking at all of Life,

Through, the Eyes of Love.

When One is Love,

One Accepts that Life,

Is also Love.

As Love is Consciousness, and one itself, is this Consciousness Flow of Life.

Not anything less, other, than this Vibration Of Love.

Here, one Accepts and Forgives easily, yet, one is not Attached nor Obsessed, to any, outcome that Life, has already set for ones Path.

As Life does not Discriminate.

Life is also Consciousness.

It Acts and Talks, within accordance, to the unfolding of Life, as Consciousness itself.

This is an Awakened Being.

Knowing at all times, it is All of Life, as, Beyond this Life.

Because, the One who does not know it is Life, acts and talks as an Un-Awakened Being, this person is asleep.

With the believe, I am only a Person, but it totally forgot, that it is a Soul, which is Purely Love, as Expressing, a temporarily Life, as a Form, yet, all through Consciousness, which, is the Highest Vibration, of Love on Earth.

The one, who has discovered that, it is Love, knows, that Only Love, is, what, I Live for.

It does not allow, minor Bullshit to take, Ones Inner Peace.

It does not, open itself for Hate.

It does not, decide to destroy ones Joy, neither, the Joy of others.

It does not, live in a State of Separation,

The I am different than you, state the Eyes of Duality, which is the Eye of Ego.

The Awakened Being, wishes to be Love, and to give Love, at all causes.

As, this Love, is all that is Real.

All else, is Wicked Manipulation of the Ego Mind.


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