Earthflower Spirituality

The Walk HOME💛

Get a Life.

When one searches, within themselves, One finds Eternal Life.

As one looks outside, One finds Material Life.

The duality, which is the separation, within Ones own Heart.

When I speak, my Truth to you, it is not to offend you, rather to let you see that we are One.

As, I can Feel and See you.

We are not born, to be manipulated nor abused.

We are born FREE.

It is this outside world, that creates so many confusions and drama.

An Awaken soul, does not want any drama, so it speaks its heart, to create Oneness.


It has no sense of obligations nor guilt.

It does not feel more nor less than anyone.

The Ones who are open for growth, ceases the moment completely, as it is.

It does not Fight nor Flight.

It is like defending something that no longer serves you.

Who does this ?

Only the Ego mind.

As, it does not, want, to be exposed, nor die.

The ego is the real manipulator !

Ego is mind, all low vibrated energies.

The defensive mind, which strives to stay alive within, Ones own Consciousness space.

In its own, Duality State.

When one does, this one does not Grow.

One cannot grow, within a defensive mode.

One can only Grow, by being within, Full Acceptance.

To Accept, that I have a darkness, that tries to take me over.

That creates separation, with my friends, family as strangers.

One needs, to take that, Mask off.

As One lies, to defend its negative habit.

But in Truth, we are not, our thoughts nor conditions.

I am not a Prophet.

I am a writer, I write within my own Stillness, through my own direct experiences.

The Ones, who will read, the message was for you.

Because, you are reading it.

Now, here one can choose, to Transform, Ignore or Let Go.

We are not here to remain, as we were 10 years ago.

As the Consciousness self, embraces Growth.

We are Evolving, from a human mentality, to a Conscious Heart.

You are not, the Experiences.

You are the Light, that holds all, 

The Love, that Enriches all.

I am walking, the same path, as you,

The Path to the Heart, 

The Walk HOME.

As Heaven is within, this space of Now.

It is not a destination, 

Its Ones heart.

Be Free, of all delusions.

Heaven, got a plan for you. 

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