Earthflower Spirituality

This Bird is Freer than Ever💚

In order, to be Transforming, within, the depths of the Ocean, one, has to leave the Shallow Ends of the Water.

To Discover, what True Love is, one, has to first Discover, the Pure Self.

As, Now-a-days, many confuses Love, with Obsession and Attachment.

I had the same Attachment, with my past lover of 7 years.

After, we split apart, I have come to a realization, that I am and Now, was attached, to this Guy.

So, I took me some time, 3 years to be exact, to Detach myself from this Past Relationship.

This is why, I have never, entered, a new physical relationship, I Consciously, chose a Platonic Relationship, meaning, a Relationship that is based, on Spiritual Practices and Soul Growth.

As for me, being Attached or Obsessive, was a Major turn off, as, for my Current Life choices.

My Heart longed for something Boundless, not Attached, not Obsessed, as not expecting anything, in return.

So, what happened was, within, my Mirroring, I attracted exactly, what I have feared.

A British Guy, who has Attachment, as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

He became massively Attached, to my devotion.

But, I knew, it was his Immense Ego, that tries to possess him.

So what his Ego, tends to do, it uses his insecure identified mind, to create and spread lies about me, so that other’s, do not fall in love with me, or get Attached by me, because, it’s mind says, that my mirroring writing’s, as, my Presence, are able to do that.

This Ego, a funny guy.

All a Projection, deriving from the insecure Ego.

Now, If one is not Fully Awaken into Truth, the Ego, can really take One over, and make One react in Egoic ways.

As, it feels, If I can’t get her, nobody else will.

As, for me, because I have Now transformed all of these, I was the best Mirror, for this British Guy.

Now, this Guy, was the best Mirror for me, as to test, my own, Consciousness Level.

As, Consciousness itself places all these, to test, itself out.

It wants to know, if it is Fully Awaken, Into Truth, If I am, Walking the Talk.

This is the Play of Maya, the Dance of Dark and Light.

As, for me, I can now say, I have Passed the Test.

As, This Bird, is Freer, than Ever,

So, El que Ríe Último, Ríe Mejor💚

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