Earthflower Spirituality

I am the Universe as Love💚

Before, my Consciousness Shift, I had many insecurities, about my looks.

I did not like my real hair, so I wore hair extensions.

I did not like my real colored hair, so since age 16, I dyed my hair ash blonde.

You see, I was saying no to life, no to my real self.

So I did things, of which I thought, I needed to do, in order, to feel beautiful.

I have placed, an immense pressure, on myself.

This happens to us, mainly because of what we have been programmed and watching on tv and social media.

About doing more on our looks, and nothing about the Real, the Inward.

I have discovered, that true beauty is from within you, and I am beautiful, as I am.

I don’t say do not play with hair extensions and coloring, have fun, enjoy life, but always remember, the outward is only temporarily, and that accepting oneself, as one is, and aging, is a beautiful a part of life.

We have been brought up in society, that teaches that the older one becomes, the useless one is.

This is not true, as the older you become, the Wiser you become.

As the elderly brings, so much Experience and Wisdom.

So they should be, Valued, Cherished and Loved, and not Devalued.

This is why I embrace my age of 32, as my three wrinkles on my forehead, which shows my experience through pain, suffering, growth and awakening.

This has transformed, my Soul, into Inner Wisdom, as my real brown natural hair, my thin body, as my mixed self.

I embrace and love, all woman and men of all ages, as they are, one mixed of Magic that God created.

I love me, as the Universe made me, as Love, itself.

I love you, as the Universe made you, as Love, itself.

We are One.

Just Be.


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