Earthflower Spirituality

You are truly Gifted🌿

Do not let fear hinder your progress in life.

Whenever one might feel a deep sense of calling to do something with a more meaningful purpose into ones life, the fearful thoughts tends to creep in.

Telling you it is not your time, its a stupid idea, or you don’t have the money neither the time.

But what we have to realize is that we all have something unique and beautiful to give to the world.

We are gifted.

It can be that one has amazing skills into making craft work or jewelry, or one has a gift to create art, to write, to dance, fix hair, teach, sing, or magical hands for healing, cooking, baking, music, sowing or fixing cars, or one has a green thumb when it comes to gardening.

Whatever it is, we all have super powers.

As you are made by the divine creator, as so you are created powerful and divinely. 

It is until we tap back into these gifts, is when we will encounter with our true purpose in life.

A purpose that has a deeper meaning within ourselves and for our life-path.

Maybe its a purpose for the greater causes of humanity, the animals, the environment or the arts.

Something that one has a deep connection with.

We all have a deeper purpose in life.

As when one finds its sense of purpose in life is when life becomes a joy for one to live, it is also when one starts to Live Life.

So in order for us to achieve this state one has to take a Flight into the direction of ones dream.

One has to focus and empower oneself.

One has to change ones mindset by walking into the direction where ones fear lies.

To be able to unplug this fear and to be free of its limitations.

As soon as one liberates from ones fear, all that one needs to achieve ones dream will come into ones present.

However, the road will be a challenging and bumpy one, but by taking this road one will find ones True Treasure.

As all will come into form, the money, the time, the opportunities, the joy, the peace , the love and all the many blessings will come.

As all Beauty will Flourish into ones present moment.

Take the Leap of Faith !

Prove to yourself that you are Able and Capable !

Take Charge of your Life.

You are truly Gifted. 


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