Earthflower Spirituality

Follow your Intuition💚

Since, I was a child, I was Highly Empathic. I would, easily cry and cringe, if, one looked or spoke, in a poorly matter to me.

Growing up, I used, to hear my mom, say, this a lot to my siblings, be, Gentle with her, she, is, Highly Sensitive. 

I remember, when I was five, we went, to, the Zoo with school.

My younger brother and I, were, in different classes, yet, same school.

Before, the tour into the zoo, the teachers told us clearly, do not, put your finger in the monkey cages, as they bite.

So, as, we started the tour, my brother went to the other side of the zoo, I, was on the complete other side, of the zoo.

One, of the teachers said, she just heard, a child has been bitten, by a monkey.

At, that moment, I knew, it was my brother.

I told the teacher, “that’s my brother, I need to go to him”, as I knew, he was in pain.

She said, “how can you know”, I, said, “I just know”. Because, she would not believe me, she said, “let me first see”. I was hesitant, to wait, as, I wanted to Run to my brother.

So, I had to patiently wait.

She, returned right after, and said “yes it is your brother, but how did you know”

I said, “I just know” , so, she took me to him.

When, I got there, he was crying and in pain.

Now, I said in a direct, assertive, as,sweet tone, “Tito, the teacher said specifically, do not put your fingers in the monkey cages, you should listen next time”

This experience never left the depths of my soul.

I always go back to this moment, when one, gives me doubts, as, to my own gut feeling.

As, gut feelings comes from the heart, it is an inner lie detector buzz or alarm within, ones heart. 

This, feeling is realer, than anything, as it is, a direct message from God.

Speaking to you, in this intuitive form, saying, Follow your Heart, as it never, lies to you.

We all have this Gift of, God.

So know this, when things seem not as they appear, always, Trust, in your GUT Feeling, and that Life itself, reveals all parts of life to you.

Do not care, what anyone thinks or says.

Just remain as Heart.

Follow ones Intuition.

Have Faith in God.

It will Always, show you Truth.


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