Earthflower Poetry

Super Rad💚

Moving according to my heart desires, 


Falling in love with a soul and not a face.

I am experiencing.

Losing many friends, I have.

It is when I decided to only follow my heart, all, changed.

I was walking alone, more, often.

I was speaking alone, as, if, I was the only, one listening.

I felt a sense of lost.

I still do sometimes.

I lost my identity, as so, many down falls came with it.

I am still walking alone.

I do almost all by myself.

But I am in Being,

Here I am one with you.

I do not care if you understand, support or even like me.
As, I found, my Freedom, in not caring what others, think of me.
At times, Isolation is my best friend.

Because talking to others can be tiring.
Too much talk about none-sense, Little talk about what makes sense.

In stillness, I hear the whispers of Silence.

Its a voice that not many hears, yet, its voice is spoken at all times.

Still, like the Waves of Silence I flow.
Here my heart fills with flowers.
Again, not understood, by many, does not make me feel any less.

On the contrary, I fully understand it.

I am different,
That’s super Rad.


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