Earthflower Spirituality

 I have Rebirth as Consciousness💚

Standing in my TRUTH,

Something, many philosopher’s, as, many Light workers, had to do.

These, are the beings, that are serving, the Highest Almighty.

Call it, God, Allah, Buddha, Christ, Krishna or Shiva, it’s the same, Source of Light.
This, is because, many, have come, with, Fake Disguises on, and have portrayed something, that they are not.

Such as, the Fake pastors, guru’s, mystical prayers, police, politicians, philosophers, psychics, One gets where I am going.

This is, The Entire Babylon System, 
A Vampire, yet, Falling Empire.

Which, is the Most Highest, yet, Lamest, Act of Ego,

Which, is portrayed, on Earth, through, various forms.

So, people, are in distrust, of who is actually, working for, Grace it’s Light.

I am still, One of those, concerned Beings.

As, I am NOT, One, for Injustice. 

As so, I am, Walking my Talk,

Through, Consciousness and as Consciousness, itself.

I am pointing out, the Truth, of which, I have discovered, from within.

This, is by practicing Meditation, for seven years and Self Inquiry, for three years.

So, I, as, an Awakened Being, is, Ready to help Awaken, others, and, this is only, if One is Willing, Open and Consciously, ripe enough, to be Awaken.

Meaning, in Accordance to their Level, of Consciousness.

This, is a Play of Dark and Light.

The Darkness, exists, on this 3rd dimensional plane, it is, what, Consciousness itself, created. 

As, it wants, to experience, the Darkness on Earth, as, it wants to transform it, into 

It’s, Original and True, Mystical Light.

You, see, It’s, a Magical Play.

So, as within, my own, Divine Play, I see, it, as Alice in a Wonderland.

I am Alice, Discovering, the True Self, which, is Consciousness.

I have, had and will, go through, a series of Madness Obstacles, in order, to re-discover, my Pure Light.

The ones, that we’re trying to “kill”, my identity, This, is was also part, of my play.

As, I created, this play, 

Remember ?

Now, I have Rebirth, As, Consciousness,

To Redeem, It’s, Consciousness Self.

I am, Fully Awake,

As, for I,

That, mere, Darkness, is like, a little peanut, Because, I, am, Before, or After, The Illusion, of Ego, Is, created.

As, I.

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