Earthflower Spirituality

I am an Introvert as an Artist💚

Some, things in Life,

Makes, me Wonder.

If you, take a look, at my Instagram or Facebook account, one, might think, this women, is an Extrovert.

Well, this is, Not true.

I am, an Introvert, as an Artist.

I am, socially awkward, if, I do not, drink some alcohol.

Now, because, I haven’t been drinking, mostly, at all, this year, I am, Alone.

Most, humans, meet just for drinking.

These are, drinking buddies.

I do not, have, many friends, almost, None, only, some.

I do, not socialize, that much, I tend to Isolate myself.

I do not, follow many people on Instagram, because, I do not, like, to follow people, I have no personal, or no social media, relationships with.

My Facebook, I already did the Open house invitation on.

But, for me, Relationships, has to do, with the giving and receiving of, Consciousness Love.

Many humans, do not, share Love, only hatred. 

Now, I sometimes, look, at my followers app, I feel, most humans, have this app.

So, just now, I went to see my Instagram status, to see, how my yoga business, is going online, how, many people, are following or unfollowing, and, I was SHOCKED,

To see, that 10 person, have blocked me.
Its, so hilarious, I asked myself, how can this be ?

I have, NO Enemies !
I Never, Ever, Stalk, people’s pages,
Not, even, Celebrities.
As, I do not Care, to do so.
I do NOT, stalk or have stalked, ANYONE’S pages !
Staking is NOT, my cup of tea.
So, I felt, these poor people, have it all Wrong !
Listen, as, I am RAW and Completely OPEN.

To the ones, who have blocked me, as, I just, saw your names, I do not, know, who you are !

Seriously, I do not know you, Ive never, saw your pages, I do, NOT, know you !

Its, so Delusional, to think, that, I know you.
Its your, Ego Mind, or someone lied, some shit, about me, to you.

Again, this has to do with their, own small minded Projections, about themselves.

Today, is the first time, I gave you, as this topic attention,
As, I am Tired, by, this pointless, human drama.

I do, NOT, know YOU !
We never, even met ! 
I NEVER, saw your PAGE !
So, Remove, that Egoic cord.
As, I am clearing mine !

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