Earthflower Spirituality

Time to Shine✨

One can be, the most Magnetic Light, on Earth, and, still people, will hate you.

Its because, you are Shining, in ways, their minds cannot, comprehend.

When, people dislike you, it is something within, themselves they are disliking.

When, one is Beaming its light, its, because Grace is working through you.

Its the Love of God.

A Chosen one.

Don’t ever, let judgers, Negative opinions, and un supporters, break you.

Yes, they will follow you online, your every move, some, will even, copy cat you.

But they will show you NO support Neither appreciation, Not, even a like.

As, one can just press a silly button, But their Ego minds will say NO, just because, its YOU.

That’s, how the Ego work in others, playing you, as pretending to be you.

Creating separation, within you as without you, as so, with others.

These can be, Family, Friends or even Strangers.

They make, one feel weak, as, the Ego wishes.

It voice says, why can I be like him or her, or thank God I am not like him or her. 

Either way, its the serpents voice. 

So, as an Artist of any kind,

Express yourself Fully,

Never, Ever,

Dim your Radiant Light, because or for anyone.

If, they do not like your Art, know, its because somehow, their Ego Minds, only wishes, it was them who created it, or are doing it.

The Ego mind, tends to make them feel just plain jealous, or, their Ego minds cannot understand you.

Because, one is now reaching, Higher Dimensions of Creativity. 

One, is Shining.

So, when others are hating,

Do not Give up !

Just, press, the Imaginary, Like bottom of yourself, keep Pressing it, until, non can Touch you.

Be Loved, by Yourself.

Its your, Time to Shine.

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