Earthflower Spirituality

No Name Is Namelessđź’™

In order, to be Free, one, has to be Real.

One has to accept, that, I am not my masks.

The masks, that one seems to wear, 

In order, to be, to be Accepted.

It is only, by taking, the masks off,

Is when Consciousness,

Is, able to Shine.

Otherwise one cannot Shine, because, there are layers, that tries to block ones, Consciousness Self.

In order, to discover ones Truth, one has to let go, of ones, untruth,

Otherwise, one cannot, be a True Soul,

As, these are covered. 

By ones, Untruth.

In order, to find Zion, one has, to demolish, Babylon.

Otherwise, One cannot reach Heaven, as one, is walking in hell.

In order, to be Wise, one has to let go, of the Lies.

Otherwise One cannot discover, Inner Wisdom, 

As, one is disguised, within Arrogance. 

In order, to become a Butterfly, 

One has to transform, the Caterpillar. 

Otherwise, one will not, Fly, 

As, One will Crawl for Life.

Bliss, can only, be found, within the Conscious Self, and not as, an ignorant man.

Liberation, is the recognition, 

That, I am Love, and only Love. 

As so, I flow, as, I AM.

No Name, is, Nameless.

Here, lies ones, Freedom.


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