Earthflower Spirituality


I am Consciousness, Expressing, 

To, the unawakened ones,

That, a wicked Ego is messaging all of them,
Telling them, 

That, I am psychotic or a dark witch ! 

Such, Laughter.

Did, u know this ? 

Well, You know how, I know this ? 

God, speaks through me. 

So, as to inform all, stop believing in the Bullshit rumors from another’s projection. 

Projections means, 

This, information is deriving, from within themselves, so, they themselves believe, 

They, are psychotic or a dark Witch.

Easy, Peasy,

This is a PROJECTION people.

This, is the magical play,

Of, Dark n Light.

Earth 2017, 


I work, for the Light of God.

As, a Lightworker.

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