Earthflower Spirituality

Just Be Life💙

The sensations, of Inferiority or Superiority, all, of, which, derives, from the Ego mind.

One, says I feel this, yet, it is only an egoism identification.

It is, just a sensation, that temporarily, passes through, ones space.

As, ones, True Self, can neither, be or feel inferior neither superior, than, anybody, else.

It just, is, One, with all of Life, as, it is Life, itself.

Only Ego, gives, out the Sensation’s, of feeling, lower or higher, than, anybody else.

The True Self, is One, with everyone, it does not see, duality, always, Oneness.

Even, through, the Experiences, that seemed, not to be expressed, out of ones, Highest self,

This, was, also an unfolding of life, 

From, within Consciousness, itself.

Acceptance, is the key, to unlock, Ones, shame, guilt, doubts and fears,

In order, to be Free, from, all these mind identifications.

One, is already, Acceptance, as it is, the Core, of ones Spirit.

Just Be Life,

Keep, Moving Forward💙


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