Earthflower Spirituality

My Life is an Open Book💚

My Life, is an Open Book.

Some, moments,


Other, moments,


Consciousness, chose me, 

As an expression,

It wants, its voice to be heardAs, a Mirror for, others, through, my own Awakening Process.

As, my journey unfolded, my writings, came through.

Some people, have only recently, entered, a chapter of my book of Life.

Maybe, through word of mouth,
Yet, many, does not really know, the, True me.

But, from what, I post, or rumors they have heard, they are forming, their own opinions, about me.

Mirroring, this British guy, I never met, in person, many know, about this, 

From my own writings, or from his own blabber mouth.

But, to know, the whole story, One, had to exchange in a conversation, with me.

This, has never truly happen.

The Relationship, is, a Karmic Relationship.

This means, that both beings met before and, have experienced, many past lifetimes, together. 

Yet, their last lifetime together ended, with, unresolved issues.

As so, a karmic debt, was created.

In this Lifetime, this Karmic debt, has, to be paid off, by both beings,

In order, to re-create a Balanced and Harmonious dance.

These beings, will have to go, through, a series of trials and tribulations, apart as together.

Consciousness, decided, to express, and portray this Relationship, on my social media accounts.

I wanted to keep his name private, but, he went around and publicly spoke poorly, about me.

Yet, a, negative projection about another, is basically whatever one is feeling inside.

I was really angry with him.

He is sometimes possessed, by, the Ego mind.

I do not care, to make anyone look badly, as, I am not a vicious person, 

Yet, sometimes, the Truth must be spoken, In order, to be Real.

I am very Raw and Authentic.

I do not care, what others think of me,
as, I know, who I am.

I can say, I love this Being,

Even, after his Ego spoke ill about me.

As, I know, it is not his True Conscious Self.

A public apology, I am surely waiting for,I feel, all mine, as his, readers, are waiting for this.

We can’t make someone, be Real and True,

Yet, we can let, Consciousness itself, heal all, Minds as Hearts.
To, Redeem, 

It’s, Child of God.

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