Earthflower Spirituality

Soul Evolution­čî┐

As, one steps out of ones own Closet of Persona, ones True Self is able to Shine.

This is part of the Soul Evolution.

As, a Mirror is far more, than Being,
the same type of compatible Souls.

A Mirror, lets one see what still
needs to be transcend, within, ones Unconscious Spacial Vibration.

I myself, was totally new to this unfolding, of ones Untruths as all was occurring, within, the destined Flow of Life. 

A Liberated Being, does not judge, criticize or victimize, others, neither Life.

As, all these derives from a State of Duality, the one that does not flow from  ones Heart. 

A Liberated Being sees all of Life experiences as an opportune moment, for Consciousness Growth. 

Many believe, that a Soul Mate or Twin Flame Connection has no challenges, yet, this is Not true.

As, this is mostly, in accordance to ones mind, which is based on Culture Ideology.

A soulmate or Twinflame, will not solely appear, to fill, ones life with Joy, Peace and Love, and, without any Spiritual work.

A Soulmate or Twinflame, is a Soul Connection that is created Spiritually, and prior, to Ones own Birth on Earth.

This Soul Connection, is based on the demolishing, of ones current Egoic state of mind.

That of which is created, by ones culture conditions, normalities, society, environments, past relationships and habits. 

A Soulmate or Twinflame Relationship, forms the basis of, a Spiritual Connection.

It has not do, with another filling ones Emptiness. 

But, for both Souls to discover its own Eternal Love from within, themselves.

Which is The love of the Beloved, God, Grace, as the Self.

When souls have reached The Inner Kingdom, from within they can now, merge and evolve, as, One.

This is True Love.

As, they Discovered their fullest Potential which is, The Infinite Soul Love of Self.

They, now know, that, their Souls are Eternal, and ,even beyond, this, Earthly life.

They, can now Rejoice, as, One.

This is the Love of,










As Two Birds Discovered Home,





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