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Eternally Freedom in this Surrealism Dream👁

This year, was so Surreal,

Today, marks a year, that, I travelled, back to Amsterdam.

I normally, would never stay, in the same, country for a whole year.

But, it just happened, I stayed, doing basically nothing, materially, only, transforming from Within.

Some moments, the Ego tend to judge my choices, 

These are the moments, to be Ignored.

I followed my heart, for it to be broken, yet again.

But, I had to experience this, 

To kill an identity, of rejection and abandonment, that was still, residing through me.

But, within, the most challenging year of Wandering, I was mostly, in Stillness.

Meaning Quiet, not, much talking, yet, only Writing.

I Transformed, into a Writer.

I saw, an Instagram page of mine that had somedays 400 likes per photo, become 100 likes.

I saw supporters, that were not, supporting me, anymore.

I saw daily unfollowers, some days up to 40-50, unfollowers.

Yet, in Stillness, only, my Inner Deeper Writings, came through.

I was Writing, within, Full synchronization with Life.

It was 3 months ago,that, I heard the story, that, a person, was spreading fake rumors, about me.

To my social media as Lightworkers Community, and it became a dirty word of mouth.

Yet, a Mirror, for my Inner Transformation. 

Since, the Rumors started, not one single person, came to me, Until, recently my father and mother  did, as, the Rumors went to, my parents.

I was Angry, as, I could not understand. 

How, so many people believed in Rumors, and, that not one single past friend, came to my defense, or messaged to tell me.

On the contrary, they, were spreading rumors too.

This Experience, has shook me to my core, as, it has Changed me Forever,

Into forgiving,

Without receiving an actual sorry.

To Ignore all,
That is Ignorant.
To Remain Free,
As, a Bird, and Not bound, by someone else, low vibrational thoughts.

To let none touch me, with their limited projections, about themselves.

To Remain,
All, that I was writing about, Compassion, Oneness, Love, Peace and Forgiveness,

Came to test me,
As Life itself.
I have passed.
As, so I am Eternally Freedom, in this Surrealism Dream. 

“You have seen my decent, Now watch my Rising”

2 thoughts on “Eternally Freedom in this Surrealism Dream👁

  1. Only when one is called to great things in this world is when one is truly “tested”
    by the things of the world (in scenarios like you’ve described), and the darkness only seeks to consume those chosen from spiritually within… Pain and heartache only
    adds to the realness of these life lessons, and the outcome for those that overcome these are spiritual growth, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, love, peace, and much more ..Be blessed always


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