Earthflower Spirituality

Discover The Self🌸

Humans need to Awake.

How can we be living on one earth,

Yet, it has billions of devisions within our selves.

We treat ourselves poorly, 

We believe in the negative thoughts of the ego mind, 

We walk around with a pissed off face, like fuck you life, 

We cannot, help another without expecting something in return, 

No sense of oneness and love within, 

We have no connection, trust and faith, In the highest almighty.

We believe, we are only human, all, because of our own poor thoughts identifications and self believes.

We treat ourselves and others poorly, 

Yet, we act like we are doing good, 

I am the greatest.

Yes, the greatest Ego is the only thing one can be, if, one acts only through Person and not as Presence.

The greatest mask.

When believing one is only human, 

One will suffer, as, so one can create suffering for others too, if, they also aren’t awaken to themselves.

Because human is a persona, which, creates an identity derived out of ego thoughts, this, creates only temporarily pleasures or suffering.

It is just like that.

Nobody taught us, when, we were growing up, that, we are Consciousness, Expressing an earthly life.

That our thoughts derive,

From the lowest vibration of Consciousness, which is called the unconscious, ego.

If it was like that our Earth, we, would be a oneness Earth, and, I don’t see that happening any time soon, as, the Earth is right now, as, Life is naturally unfolding by God as it should.

So, I accept life as if is.

But, I write to ones,

Who are desperate to let go, of their own mind made delusions, that, creates their suffering.

To you I say, use, your time to Discover your Timeless.

Use your Love,
To discover Oneness.
Use your Grace,
To discover Peace.
Use your Inner Eyes,
To discover The Self.
You deserve,
This Freedom of mind.
I love you.


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