Earthflower Spirituality

All is One💙

When there is nothing positive to say, Practice Silence.

If your life, does not resonate with another one, and you are not open To Learn and Grow, from another soul, there is no need to befriend that one.

Why, would there be billions of Souls living on Earth, and, we all have to Express life a certain way.

To me that is totally none-sense.

There is a billion Souls on Earth, Consciousness wishes to Express itself, in various ways.

This is the Beauty of Life.

One Earth, Billions of Unique Expressions.

It is only once Ego mind, that, has thoughts of this is weird or strange,

Because for the boring and regular mind all is strange.

But strange, in a bad way.
Mind lives, on judgements,
Creating separation, from ones Heart, as with other’s.
As, all judgements, are ones own self believes and projections, about oneself, projected onto others.
This is judgement, so, when One is judging others,
One is actually judging oneself, without knowing.

For a Liberated Being,
Different is Good.

As, it has Freed itself, from, all self judgements.
As one, is Free from within, One, is Free outwardly.
So, it does not judge life.
It accepts, all parts of Life,
As, it is.

As, all experiences, are for Soul Learning, Growth and Awakening.
It sees, all as, a part of the Flower of Life.

Which is Consciousness.
It knows Truth.
It does not exclude,
It Embraces.

As, Freedom of mind,
Is, not caring at all,
What, other people think.
It is,
To Love all as One.
It is,
To See all as One.
It is,
To Treat all as One.
One has found,

It’s True Self.
I live Free,

I am Free.
We are One,
All is One.


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