Earthflower Spirituality

Pure Consciousness🙏

The relationship between the ego narcissist and the ego masochist, in the emotional sense.

The narcissist is in self serving, 

So, it does not give love, it only takes love. 

The masochist is in self denial of love, 

So, it does not receive love, it only gives love.
One beams its light, the other takes.

It becomes the sucking the light out of the body, one sided kind of relationship.

This is a dance of disruption, or as we say in spiritual practice awakening. 

The person, who acts as an ego narcissist has to first identify its untruth, 

To remain as being, which is infinite love, but this can only happen in the space of presence, not as person. 
As person is the made up by an identity, who acts as personalities.

The person, who acts as an ego masochist, has to also identify its untruth, to remain as presence, which is also endless love, again this can only occur through being, not person.

As the only way transformation can happen is by accepting a darkness that needs to be lit up one can say.

It can only be lit up by your essence, which is presence itself.

One has to go within, close one eyes, to discover that the only truth is that one is presence and not a person, personality, nor identity.

Only in the space of presence, ones untruths will effortlessly burn out. 

As the only truth will remain.

As I.

Pure Consciousness.

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