Earthflower Spirituality

Into the Heart💚

In life,

Every man has the rights, to decide it’s own Destiny.

Everyone can go fast, slow, or take a needed break, how long it may be.

As, all is destined,

Nothing is right or wrong.

We are allowed, to move into the direction of our hearts.

Many times, we are moving within the fast lane, that of which has to do with the material world.

As for me, I took two leap years, it was a decision that took me over, as, Consciousness itself decided this, not the person.

These years have Enlightened me to the max, in ways, I have never Imagined possible.

I have grown so much Spiritually, it opened me mystically, in ways beyond mind expectations.

I am Emerged, as a new Being because of this.

I see life, in the most highest perspective, one beyond man and mind made concepts.

I do not take life too seriously, I only flow in the present moment, as Heart, within, the fresh and the new.

I can also say, I am blessed, to have experienced these nomadic years, 

As, I was alone, with no kids and no husband, so, Life took care of me, within the forms of family as friends.

In this Now, 

I am Grateful to say,

That life moves One, in ways, your heart knows best, not in ways, society, friends, family or mind expects you to do.

As by flowing as Life, within your Heart intentions, God will show and take One into Higher planes.

The Plane of Unconditional Love,

The Plane of the Self.

Which is Home,

Into the Heart.


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