Earthflower Spirituality

I am Heart💚

Betrayals are the worst. these comes from an insecure person, Its Egoic mind.

The mind says, you are less worthy.

So, Instead of the person saying no mind, I will not listen to you, the person often do.

This is why, Self Confidence, is the Greatest Treasure. 

A Confident being, does not betray others, on the contrary, they Embrace others. 

Betrayals, comes from a separate state of mind.

The mind, lives in its own Egoic state of duality.

The I am less intelligent, less beautiful, less creative, less powerful, less free, even less Awakened.

This is the Ego Mind, a funny guy. 

Now, the person that is living in its own state of duality, sits in a state of mind noises.

It identifies with its minds projections, and from here it acts.

The Ego likes to create lies, stupid lies, just to make itself, feel more worthy.

These temporarily worthiness, it gives to the person, for only some short minutes, not too long.

As, after a while, the sensations of inferiority, will kick in again.

This is the Ego minds show, all thoughts and sensations, which comes and goes,

Not consistent, only short lived.

A show of the Unconsciousness. 
Meaning this person, is not acting Consciously, 

Rather, Unconsciously.

As, it is only placing its focus on the low vibrated thoughts of the Ego mind, as so, ones Spacial Vibration is low.

As so, one attracts low vibrational experiences.

As so, one is hiding into the prison of the mind.

A Liberated being, has free itself from this misery, as, it has discovered from within,

That I am not the Ego mind, neither low vibrated thoughts, nor actions.

I am Heart, I am Spirit,

I am the True Self.

Which is above and beyond all these low vibrated sensations.

As, these all stem from the Egoic habitual and conditioned mind.

So, it does not identify with its Ego minds projection anymore.

Heart lives in a state of Non-duality, only with its hearts intentions, that of which, are Pure and True.

It knows at all times,
I am the Love within all Spaces,
As so, this Being acts out of Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding and Oneness.

It sees,
All as Love,

As, itself is Love.


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