Earthflower Spirituality

I am consciousness expressing this Earthly life💚

I have been single, for over 3 years.

So, I was in a prior relationship for about 7 years.

Sometimes, when I see a couple, a fear tends to kick in, I feel like, I don’t know, if I want this again.

As, I know, how suffocated relationships can be. 

Jealousy, cheating, insecurity, betrayal, anger, lying, distrust, possessiveness, competitiveness, obsessions, selfishness, attachments, expectations, low self esteem and envy, are some of the negative qualities, that relationships tends to have.

As, people remain in the same type of relationship, afraid to be single and alone.

Many times, one or both people tends to lose themselves, as to satisfied another’s needs.

Since, I am walking this Awakening journey,  I am open for growth.

As, the disguises always seem to fall off, after 3 months of being in a relationship, ones untruths will come out.

This is why, I started to mirror this British guy that I met almost 2 years ago, especially through my writings.

I chose, not to meet with him in person, as I did not want nor needed a sexual relationship, as I have done this in the past, it does not serve me anything.

I can speak for myself,  I was always somewhat afraid to be in a relationship, but my heart longed for a mirror.

Someone who saw me, as himself.

I saw him, as my lover, friend, soulmate, twinflame, beloved, mirror, as myself, as One.

But not, as we are separate and in a relationship,

I saw him, as a Mirror.

That we are the same, and helping each other, to burn the untruths.

The negative habits that seems to haunt us, so, that Conscious Truth, is able to remain.

The writings and poems, I wrote for him, came out of a deeper space within me.

As, I was mirroring him, and also, all who read my posts, as we are One.

Sometimes, the fastest, one enters a relationship, within the same speed, it becomes a nightmare.

So, I patiently chose to wait.

I waited, for almost 2 years.

Some call me crazy,

I call it Magic.

As for I, to be in union with someone, 

Is, to deeply know from within,

That I am consciousness expressing this Earthly life,

Not, only a form, name, habits, or role.

But, the Everlasting Soul.

This, is True love for me,


I am Love.

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