Earthflower Spirituality

Encouragement is LOVE💙

Encouragement is LOVE.

This goes beyond words, as, it is performed within ones Actions.

The actions of someone, that is moving from within its Heart.

This being, sees itself, in the other being,

As, it sees no separation,

Between You and I.

It appreciates, the other Soul completely,

This becomes a Harmonious Dance.

A dance of Giving and Receiving,

A Balanced flow of Consciousness.

As, Consciousness is Heart.

An Act of Kindness,

An Act of Loyalty,

An Act of Support,

An Act of Forgiveness,

An Act of Compassion,

An Act of Integrity,

An Act of Morals,

An Act of Love,

An Act of Peace,

An Act of Freedom,

An Act of Oneness,

An Honorable Act.

This, is the True Foundation of any Relationship, one, that is based on a True Soul Connections.

One of Love.


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