Earthflower Spirituality

A love of Soulmates💚

Sexual Intercourse, oral sex, hugs, handshakes and kissing, is an exchange of energy.

If ones energy is clogged or toxic, 
It will be exchanged.

Normally, the humans attract one another through their spacial vibrations.

So, if ones vibration is low, one will attract a low vibration.

If one vibration is high, one will attract a high vibration.

This is the Law of Attraction.

One attracts whichever vibrations, one is vibrating, within the Cosmos of the universe.

As, this is the unfolding of life, all done via Consciousness.

Not the person, but consciousness,
as the person, is just being played by consciousness itself, as an actor one can say, a temporarily form.

So, all that is done, is chosen via ones own Consciousness Level.

As the exchange of energy, via, lets say sexual intercourse, is also done via ones own Consciousness level, and the person who One chooses, to participate in a sexual intercourse with, is attracted through ones own spacial vibration.

So, if one has not attracted a person, through sexual intercourse, it’s because, One has not yet, attracted that spacial vibration. 

The vibrations should be similar, and high, only then, will it turn into a Love relationship and will it be able to last.

This is why, many humans have sex with another human, but after sex especially the male version, does not want to see or be with that person, anymore.

As the vibrations was solely based upon, sexual needs and gratifications.

But, if you are mirroring another spiritually, one will attract this similar spacial vibration for ones true Soulmate.

This is True Love, a love of Soul Connection, beyond any physical connection.

A Love that lasts forever,

An Eternal flame of the Heart.

A love of Soulmates.


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