Earthflower Spirituality

We are life itself🌼

These are some sentences, that one hears growing up.

Why can’t you be more like that person ?

Why can’t your grades be higher like that person ?

As at school, they graded and labeled us to see how smart we were or not.

These sentences that derives from a culture conditioned ego mind, will continue to linger, as one grows into adulthood.

As we have been compared with others.

Now, this condition of comparing has been brought down into a culture curse.

As this ego thought comes to haunt one, if one has not discovered the true self.

In this now, I have thankfully discovered this truth by going within myself.

I know that we are all consciousness, and that within each form of consciousness, 

A unique expression is being played out.

We are all truly brothers and sisters,

Meaning our cosmic parent is the creator of all of life, we are all wonders of the universe.

This inner recognition of oneness melts the illusion of separation, and also removes the one of comparison.

This comparing habit, is not at all from the real self, 

Rather from the ego mind.

Ego wants to create separation from ones heart, as so others.
It wants one to feel that everyone else is capable accept you.
It is says,
I am not worthy, 
I am not good enough, 

I am never going to get it,

Which is not true.
You cannot stop the mind nor thoughts, just don’t judge them,
Let them be, and remain as the awareness, 

This is your true place.

Here lies your power.
As thought believed in, becomes your temporarily reality.

As your true self knows, that it is able and capable, and it wants all to be living in its truth, 

Which is ones heart desires and dreams, as it is consciousness itself.

It doesn’t compare, rather it sees all, as inspirations and teachers.

Consciousness is oneness.
You are consciousness.
It is only our upbringing and environment, that made us believe otherwise, 

We are all gifted, talented, capable and love.

We are all part of a bigger plan, we all have a beautiful path.

We all have the power to accomplish all our dreams.
You are not only a form, your holiness and grace is in your heart,

It is your being.
We are life itself.
So radiate your light.


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