Earthflower Spirituality

The voice of consciousness­čĺÜ

Pain, is not the same as suffering.

Pain comes from the body.

Suffering is an attitude.

How one experiences pain, 

Is how ones mindset is.

As life gives us exactly what we need for our soul growth and awakening on earth.

Life is Source itself.

The Source is the creator of all of life, which is God.

So whatever one has experienced or is experiencing, is what god itself wants you to experience. 

All is destined, as it has a greater plan for you.

So, why do we judge life ?

Because we haven’t found our true nature yet, which is consciousness.

The person always lives in a state of distrust, as it listens to the mind.

What its used too.

So it is not the true self judging life, it’s our ego mind that judges the experiences, and it is the unawakened one who agrees with its mind.

So the ego becomes ones master.

So whenever something happens that one has no control, instead of accepting the moment as it is and see what lessons life wants to grand us within the moment,

The ego voice comes to visit.

It will say, you will never make it, it is not your time, all bad things happens to me, when will my life get better, why do life keep punishing me, why always me, no-one loves me, no-one cares, no-one understands, I have bad luck, I am a bad example.

It will say to you whatever it knows, that will get you in a state of suffering, and bound.

It knows one good, since childhood, Like an evil best friend.

So when one agrees with this voice, 

This creates ones own suffering.

Now, because one bows down to the ego master, and says yes master, I believe your words.

When doing this, these sensations will be felt and it can make ones life miserable.

So you cannot transcend pain, however, you can transcend the voice of ego.

By looking within you, and see if this voice is more powerful than your own truth.

Which is the voice of the everlasting self.

The voice of consciousness.

Your truth.

Listen to the voice of Love.


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