Earthflower Spirituality

Be a light on Earth✨

Healers bodies, are a vessel to the lower vibrated energies on Earth.

Many healers, suffer immense lower, upper back and neck pain, from time to time, 

As, here is where they normally hold the lower energies. 

They also might feel drained from time to time, like their energy has been sucked up.

This is because, Healers bodies, are like a vacuum for lower energies.

As they move, their bodies are cleaning the environment.

It might take the lower energies from, people, animals, foods and the environment itself, from a far or from close.

This is why, many great masters and sages die of illnesses like cancer.

So it is important for healers to have a healthy mind, body and soul.

To eat healthy foods, now, I know as within my own journey right now, sometimes, it is impossible to only buy organic as they can be very expensive, so, if you cannot at this very moment, it is not a problem, just try to avoid processed foods.

I know sometimes, it ain’t easy.

Healers must always take good care of themselves, 

Time for rest, rejuvenation and quietness, 

Through, essential oil treatments, or soaking in a bathtub with flowers and essential oils, practicing yoga, walks in the park, sea salt baths or showers, swimming, massage therapies or taking reiki from other Reiki practitioners. 

A healer, can also ask Archangel Micheal,

To cleanse the body and to shield the body with its magical protecting light.

Or one can imagine ones body being surrounded by a cocoon of light. 

As the higher their consciousness vibration is, the more receptive and open they are,

To be able to take the low vibrated energies, from ones spatial vibration, that is created via ones thoughts or environment.

So they must honor themselves by healing themselves first, and listening to their bodies, 

So, they can be a light on Earth.

I love you✨


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