Earthflower Poetry

Follow the sun🌼

Don’t kill the messenger, 

Listen to the message.

In life know that only you have the ability to break you.

Nothing can break you.

You are a child of the divine consciousness.


When going within an awakening stage, 

Strange things tend to come out of you.

It is like one is in a washing machine and one is being washed clean of all untruths.

Sensations of lost will arise.

Like I am losing everything.

Ofcourse, this has to come, 

As one is losing what you thought was real.

As one surrenders to the highest almighty, 

All these sensations will be felt.

This is transcendence.
As it is burning all the nonexistent.
One is healing from the inside out.
So that the purest essence can now shine through you.
During this stage the ego mind will come to play, 
As it knows its about to lose its identity and its main actor role through your form.

Its voice will say,
I am lonely.
Nobody cares, nobody understands, maybe this is not for me.
This is not true, 
As many souls are here to help you within this journey of transformation from cocoon to butterfly, 

And with open arms.

All is working for your Awakening.
One just has to be open to let go of the old, 
So the new can arise.

Even if you might feel that you are walking a path alone,
Know that the angels and the ascended masters are always surrounding you.
These beings are rooting for you and protecting you !
Work with your angels and the ascended masters,
Ask them for guidance,
Speak with them.
They are here to assist you, 
Through inner insights, signs and messages.

Explore the mystical side of life,
Which is you.
Enjoy your transformation, 
Witness this now only as awareness, don’t get trapped.

Take your power back, don’t speak when its coming from a confusing voice, 
Which is ego.

Remain quiet.
Observe only.
Know that you are NEVER alone, 
And that Only Love is Real.

You are Love.
Follow the sun, 
Your heart.

Be the love.
Move as love.
Love all as one.
Be this change.
I am rooting for you.
I love you.


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