Earthflower Poetry

Pure Freedom💚

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

How silly is that ?

Oh, I don’t like this one,

He or she looks kinda shabby.

Don’t judge someone because of the rumors heard from another’s mouth.

One can only know someone truly by spending time with that one.

Even so, people who gossip and spread rumors are in non-acceptance of themselves.

But, it is through the direct experiences that one or both beings have shared, that one is able to say,

I know you.

If not, it is only ones own mind made projections, that comes from ones own mindset, as ones own life experiences that truly judges.

As only the Ego judges,

Some people say, 

We all judge, 

Yes, its true,

We all do judge at times.

Yet, only the intelligent ones knows,

That judgement comes from an Egoic perspective,

Not from a Heart perspective.

As a Discernment of what comes from mind and Heart is totally different than judging.

Discerning is Enlightenment.

Everyone can form an opinion,

But if you do not know a being personally, for a long period of spending time with him or her,

One is only judging in accordance, 

To ones own Egoic Mindset.

Especially if its a negative opinion.

As only Ego loves to say, 

That person is crazy, weird, lazy, stupid, too much in the air, or whats up with him or her, I hate them.

All these negative quotations about another, 

Just to make itself look better,

Which self ?

The Ego Self !

Yet, try to see all through the eyes of Love,

All people,

All animals,

All Nature,

Even the darkness,

See all through the eyes of Love.

Here one discovers the lessons.

Here one finds Love and Peace,

As Oneness within,

Which is Pure Freedom.

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