Earthflower Spirituality

This Bird is Freer than Ever💚

In order, to be Transforming, within, the depths of the Ocean, one, has to leave the Shallow Ends of the Water. To Discover, what True Love is, one, has to first Discover, the Pure Self. As, Now-a-days, many confuses Love, with Obsession and Attachment. I had the same Attachment, with my past lover of 7…… Continue reading This Bird is Freer than Ever💚

Earthflower Poetry


In a Earth, where, the Natural, becomes Unnatural. The Known, becomes Confused. The Weather, is Manipulated. The Media, is Polluted. The Mind, is Delusional. The Politicians, are Corrupted. The Police, are the Terrorist. The Poor, is Enslaved. The Rich, abuse the Poor. The Forest, is Deforested. The Buildings, are Adored. The Government, can plant a…… Continue reading Mad👁

Earthflower Spirituality

I am the Universe as Love💚

Before, my Consciousness Shift, I had many insecurities, about my looks. I did not like my real hair, so I wore hair extensions. I did not like my real colored hair, so since age 16, I dyed my hair ash blonde. You see, I was saying no to life, no to my real self. So…… Continue reading I am the Universe as Love💚