Earthflower Spirituality

Merge into your true nature💚

​​​Rise above all the drama !

Do not plant seeds into your mind that fuels drama into your life.

Skip it.

It will only create more storms into your present.

But one has to be fully aware of this, as the masks have a way into turning into oneself without one even knowing.

Then the only thing one hears is the unconscious self talking.

Because what one can now only hear is anger, fear, separation, blaming and confusion talking.

Release those pointless drama !

Earth has already so much drama, now why are you placing more drama into your life ?

Find the one that is hidden behind all that drama.

Come out of that box.

Empower yourself through the real Conscious Self. 

Let go of all that drama, it is blocking your salvation.

Merge into your true nature.

Where your peace lies.

Let Consciousness speak through you.


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