Earthflower Spirituality

Remain Untouched🌼

The true self does not judge.

It sees the play of infinite manifestations which is unfolding spontaneously, as an extraordinary and divine play.

All beings are expressed uniquely through consciousness, the awakened as the unawakened ones.

Consciousness itself is the force that holds this play together, as one.

We are all on a journey of awakening our consciousness at its highest potential.

All is destined for this awakening, the only freewill a person has in their life is to choose how to think, react and act in any given circumstance, and that is until the life lesson’s are learned from ones heart.

Only ego judges, as it sees duality, it’s nature is to judge.

As it wants to keep one separated from ones heart, as so others.

It makes one feel restricted, tight and cold.

Mind is so unstable, one day it says I love you, the other day it says I hate you.

It says this to yourself, as others and if one believes these words one becomes identified, it becomes ones experience. This is the game of duality.

Don’t take it too seriously, it’s just a play of light and dark that consciousness chose to awaken itself.

But you are not the ego mind.

You are the unchangeable self, you are the watcher of the thoughts, sensations, reactions and even the actions.

Look at life from within the big picture.

Through the eyes of silence, freedom, harmony and peace.

As the non-attached one.

Remain untouched.

In the stable space of One Love.

As Consciousness. 


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