Earthflower Spirituality

Heart is One❤️

Why do people expect so much ?

Can a being just do something nice for another out of its kind heart ?

Should all be done via egoic expectations ?

No support can purely be given from ones heart ?

It is like I want to ask you for help, yet, at the same time I am afraid of what you expect of me.

As this is today’s world,

It is as if almost no one can do something out of the goodness of their hearts,

Like the good samaritan.

Almost every person expects something in return.

If not immediately, they will surely remind you later on. “Remember I gave you candy last week”

This is how humans interact with one another.

I find it too much, if anytime that I need help or support, I have to be guilt trip by another, or any sense of obligations kicks in, I feel like, forget about it. 

Because I feel one does not have to do something, to get something in return,

When kindness is moved from heart.

As heart has no sense of expectations,

It is open, free and universal.

It does what is or was needed within the flow of life.

As it is the consciousness flow that unfolds life.

Ego mind is different, It has lots of pent up expectations.

As it is the unconsciousness flow that unfolds life.

It is rigid, arrogant and selfish.

So anytime one is expecting whatever in return, one did or is not moving from heart, but from the Egoic mind.

As heart sees itself in all beings.

As heart has no sense of expectations nor obligations.

As heart is content with itself.

Heart is the Light of the Universe.

Heart is One.

One Love💚


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