Earthflower Spirituality

 I deserve the very best💙

When one flows from heart, one moves without any hesitations. 

There is no time to think, as mind is not moving one.

Mind is Ego. 

Spirit is Heart.

Spirit flows within heart and in full synchronicity with life.

One does not have a life, one is life itself.

One goes into the door that is open,


One does not even knock, as the door is already open.

One does not have such believes as, should I, would I, nor do I.

One is the essence of soul.

Soul flows without any Ego mind planning.

The unfolding is the God destined path.

If any plans needs revision it will be made by the brain, and it is done consciously according to the destined flow. 

Not within a pre-programmed notion that derives from the Ego mind. 

One does not know fear, shame neither doubt.

One is open for being life.

This freedom is empowerment.

This is Love.

One does not feel inferior neither superior, this is the Ego mind.

The one who is liberated is purely Alive.

It does not struggle, it is always the flow of life.

It just says YES to life.

As it knows I am Life. 

As so I deserve the very best.

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