Earthflower Poetry


Sometimes after I wrote a piece I ask myself, will others understand this ?

As I really do not know.

I am writing within my own silence, a place I have come to discover.

The words derive from my soul.

Words are powerful.

They can either lift you up or break you down.

The one I talk about is the identity.

Spirit itself is always still.

It speaks through silence.

Words can either connect one to ones heart or separate.

Words that speak lies will break the heart.

These are words from the noises of Ego.

Words that speak truth will lift one onto higher planes.

These are words of God.

All other are wicked Ego

ill intended.

Truth can hurt they say, at least it is Enlightening.

It lights the eyes.

Lies are from the person that feels insecure and inferior.

The masked up identity believing it is the self.

This damages one self as others.

No one trusts a liar.

A speaker of truth may not be understood by all nor liked.

Yet, it is Unmasked and fairly trusted.


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