Earthflower Poetry

As the Goddess Self🌺

It was over two years ago that I started a leap year.

As I felt, that I could not participate in a society which creates a modern slavery system.

I had many difficulties with this, when others did not.

I asked myself plenty of times why can I be like them ?

Like the ones who can wake up each day to work the same type of job at the same hourly basis.

As during my trainee I barely could.

I could not stand that I needed to hide my tattoos, just to please another’s sight.

As the same type of work environment everyday, that routine completely bored me.

I was a single women, no kids, no husband, I walked out of that life.

A rush from within to move beyond the society norms.

I tell you, I still have the same “needs” as all, yet I cannot see me working from 8-5, it is not me.

So, I decided to wander, exploring a different view of life.

Which has its own challenges and difficulties.

Not an easy road.

Many days I cry, because it is different to live within another’s house.

I am growing spiritually, yet now I know I need to grow within the material world.

Not within money, not at all.

As this is not important to me.

Its the basic needs I speak of shelter, food, water, family, light, love and peace.

Home is my heart, yet Earth asks us for more.

To be Life, to make a living, a housing, things I am now beginning to learn.

I accept this completely.

Not everyone and not all paths are the same.

I walked a nomadic road for a while.

These days I ask God, please unfold to me what else you have in store.

As all is destined, yet I am within this play called Life.

Some moments beyond it, yet it is nudging me to get back in the game.

As an independent woman even beyond all Earthly needs.

These are always met as the Goddess Self.

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