Earthflower Spirituality

I am Life as beyond this mad show❤️

Awakening is knowing I am beyond this human life.

When one has reached awakening the false sense of entrapment is beginning to release.

This is the layers of human conditions that seems to block oneself.

The Self is who one is before all these human programmings.

When one is transitioning from mind to heart, one will start to “burn out” all of which is no longer serving ones path.

From a human sense of acting one transforms into presence as being.

Being remains heart.

Heart is the light of God.

As human is just a term created by man, however being is Spirit which is what we are.

Now why do we have a strong attachment to the term human, because we were not brought up believing we are Spirit.

The Spirit has been mostly left out from our upbringing, and we have been mostly focused on the material.

Material which is the outside world, which are the temporary, the body, objects, terminology, ideas, projections, concepts and experiences.

Now, for the awakening mind all these are considered the illusion, the Lila.

The Awakening soul is discovering all these via its own direct experience by going within itself.

This is what we call self inquiry.

It is the only way to reach enlightenment.

Awakening does not mean, I have read some books and this writer said some things about we are an illusion and I believe this.

It is to fully awaken into the self.

This is an honorable thing.

When one has reached Nirvana, one has journey within.

The deprogramming of the Ego mind is merging mind into heart, which is what we call transforming.

As one now fully flows into the now, where time does not exist.

Now how will one function within this flow of now, this will be done within full synchronicity with presence, only from heart.

As one becomes Life itself, not a persona moving in life, but a being who is universally connected with all of life.

This is what we as human beings came to discover, that we are life and even beyond this life.

As when all decay’s, the Spirit will always remain the same.

This is Awakening, when one discovers I am everything, as nothing, meaning not the illusions.

I am Consciousness itself.

I am Life as beyond this mad show.

I just AM.


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