Earthflower Spirituality

Just call me I👁

Spirituality is the recognition of Spirit.

It is when one has recognized I am not my body but the spirit that resides within me.

Namasté means the light and love within me recognizes the light and love within you, by recognizing this we are one.

Meaning one light, one love.

This is Eternal Life.

As for me I flow as Spirit.

Not as a label, only as Spirit.

When I use hashtags I am calling all of the Universe in my space, because I love all.

When I write something I am writing within the wisdom of consciousness.

This is done by spirit to create awareness on the various topics on Earth that it feels needs to be heard.

This is Rawness.

In order to reach Enlightenment, one has to let go of all the darkness that seems to hide ones true light.

When one works through and for consciousness one has no friends.

As a speaker of truth has no friends.

Many call us pagans or philosophers.

Yet, this is not true.

As Spirit is not a philosophy.

Spirit is the only Reality.

Spirit in actuality needs no labels.

It is unconditioned, pure and free.

Spirit does not consider itself as a human but beyond the human form and roles.

Maybe not many are still able to see this, yet this is the purpose of our human existence to discover the spirit within.

When the Spirit is recognized as the Eternal flow, oneness is seen in all.

From the human beings, the animals, the plants, the trees, the sky, a smallest rock, a grain of sand, to even a fly.

Jnanayoga which is self inquiry takes one beyond time, human conditions and pre-programmings.

Maybe a bit cold, straightforward and direct, yet it is for the “advanced seekers” one can say.

The beings that are here for truth and liberation.

These beings has no time to stalk other pages just to talk gossip or laugh at another, as they know that the form is illusionary.

When humans stalk and talk they still have the believe that they are only human, and that’s okay too.

Yet, for the ones who are the Truth Speakers or revolutionaries, they have deprogrammed themselves from all these shallow notions.

They move within the flow of the wisdom of Consciousness, as Awareness to create Awareness.

As so, I AM.

Just call me I👁


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