Earthflower Poetry

Who the cap fit, let them wear it✌🏼️ 

Who gossip’s ?

An unsatisfied person.

As a Liberated soul has no need to gossip.

It is only a unsatisfied mind that finds the need to gossip.

It gossip’s about another, so its Ego gets a temporary high.

Sometimes it even gossip’s about a being it never met.

Then you have those who come into your space with their masks on, just to get information to start another war.

It sits within groups of unawakened minds, just to talk about you.

To make you be seen as “bad”

Yet, in actuality it is the ones who gossip that really looks “bad” When one has nothing to learn or when ones souls does not matches yours please REMOVE yourself from that being.

One does not need to pretend, it is so RIDICULOUS.

Sitting there obsessively following another posts just to create gossip about them.

I say go find FREEDOM within you.

I say GROW UP.

As you look like a little child in need of approval.

So you sit there with your sense of “entitlement” with your BULLSHIT Delusional connections with your “Famous people” the ones that has “2 million followers” just like a game of monopoly and gossip.


Instead of wasting your illusionary time, go FIND YOURSELVES from within !

CLOSE those EYES and start looking and ask this question, WHO AM I ?

As I tell you when you know who you truly are all this none sense BULLSHIT will vanish from your space.

Because a Liberated soul has no time for gossip.

Its life is in full satisfaction.

It is not trying to manipulate others to think badly about another, just to make themselves look better.


This being is working for Consciousness not the Unconscious.

As it knows when other’s conscious minds is killing them as it is HIGHLY SENSITIVE, a PSYCHIC.

So one only writes to ask how you are, because it is feeling like I did something bad, I gossip about you.

What does a liberated soul do, it Blocks, or it ignores you immediately.

It is has no need for these pretentious games.

It prefers to sit and walk with other Liberationist not with birds that are born in cages.

It prefers to fly with the Freedom Birds.

So bye bye prisoners,

Enjoy the cell.

Who the cap fit, let them wear it✌🏼️ 

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