Earthflower Poetry

We are all is ONE❤️

Do not dwell into the confusions of others.

As their confusions are not yours.

Remain detached.

Observe the noises from within your silence.

This peace is who you are.

Do not hate what you do not understand.

Be open to learn from each other.

As we are all the same, yet a unique expression of consciousness.

Remain within the joy of the heart.

Do not speak when you do not have an answer.

Remain quiet, within the silence of spirit.

Here all answers will be revealed to you.

As all that one needs to know lies within you.

Do not create separation with the world outside.

Remain within the oneness of the soul.

As all souls are one.

We are the space called Eternal Life.

Let it be.

A Wise men ones said,

Ignore the Ignorant.

Remain in Stillness.

We are all is ONE.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti🙏


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