Earthflower Poetry

The Genius of Consciousness❤️

Sometimes clouds comes into ones space.

A dark cloud.

If one is not aware that it is just a cloud, one takes the cloud as oneself.

Yet, if one knows I am the space of which allows a cloud to pass through, one remains as space.

As I am the space, of which all can come through.

Yet, the clouds are not me.

Many times when a cloud is gone, one space remains open.




In life many dark clouds are these temporarily “friends”

People that come to teach one a lesson.

A lesson of who one truly is.

The space that holds any cloud.

As rain pours through one cleanses ones conditions away.

As the clouds move on, one is open for the rainbow to shine.

Now ones True Colors, are able to Shine, through.

As one is now shining.

A new Sun will beam through ones soul.

As light is the only truth that remains.

When this light is you.

The Conscious heart is able to pull through.

The perishable comes and goes.

Yet, the Imperishable is who one is.

The Genius of Consciousness.



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