Earthflower Poetry

A magical Earth💚

The beauty of Gaia.

The waves of Mother Earth.

The greenness of the plants.

The serenity of the water.

The smile of the rainbow.

The tenderness of the soil.

The songs of the birds.

The movements of the leaves.

The colors of the flowers.

The freshness of the rain.

The gentleness of the grass.

The hugs of the trees.

The decay of the barks.

The joy of the human beings.

The beaming of the sun.

The purity of the snow.

The wonder of the animals.

The stream of the rivers.

The greatness of the mountains.

The sparks of the stars.

The kiss of the wind.

The electrifying thunder and lightening.

The laughter of the dogs.

The luminous moon.

The playfulness of the sky. 

The precious gems.

The freedom of the flow.

The exquisite smell of the Earth.

The radiance of life.

The peace within all.

Such Aliveness.

The unity of it all.

A touch of grace.

The embrace of Pacha Mama.

The creation of God.

A prayer of Light.

The most lavish painting.

Beautifying all of life.

A magical Earth.

Happy Earth Day🌳


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