Earthflower Spirituality

Relationship with our parents💛

Our relationship with our parents are critical.

Often the parents who one has were also part of ones past lives.

Maybe not as your parents, however this relationship was formed within a past life.

Ones parents could have been ones son, daughter, companion, friend, enemy or any other type of role.

If one has a great relationship with one or both parents, this was also in the prior lifetime, if one has a not so good relationship, this was also not good in a prior lifetime.

Yet, all karmic debts can be healed, it is a choice of oneself.

First one has to heal oneself.

If one chooses to heal ones own negative habits and conditions, one will automatically be able to heal the relationship with ones parents.

As ones own consciousness light will be the healer of this relationship.

So it starts with you.

Most of the times when one has not heal oneself this condition will linger into all relationships like a generation curse.

It can be brought down to ones own children or any type of relationship.

This is why it is important to heal ones own mind made conditions.

As one transforms the negative habits and conditions of the mind, one will begin to see life differently.

Not as a victim, but as a teacher.

As so ones parents becomes ones own teachers, as ones own mirror.

As all experiences are the beacon to ones own liberation.

As our Earthly life is our own school.

The role of a parent is a training guide one can say.

It is chosen masterfully to train one to be a guide to ones children.

As when mastering this role one transforms into an Earth Angel.

Before incarnation our parents are chosen by ourselves as by our parents.

It is us who chooses everything.

We choose the parents, siblings, families, friends and foes.

All is critically chosen by ourselves as for our own consciousness development.

When we heal this relationship one does not need to reincarnate again with the same beings, as this karmic debt has been paid.

Healing means transformation from within, this is not the pointing of fingers, yet the understanding of why things had to go a certain way.

It is quite beautiful.

When one knows from within why life transpired the way it has.

Here one transcends the victim mentality into a conscious heart.

As we are spirit beings expressing a temporary Earthly life.

The roles are not us, it is only consciousness expressing itself as a temporary actor one can say.

Like a movie.

So we are the actors on the play called life.

The movie has a beginning, middle and an end.

It does not mean that one has to have this parent in ones life, one can always choose not too.

Yet, by healing a relationship, by forgiving the parents, one can set oneself free from pain and suffering.

As so one becomes a liberated soul.

Now this is vital for oneself.

As by freeing oneself from the misery of past struggles that one keeps reliving through the memories of the mind, ones now becomes light.

There are various ways that one can heal a parent relationship.

One is through a regression, a past life regression, or self inquiry.

These are great practices or methods that one could choose to start releasing pent up emotions such as anger, sadness or rage that tends to come up in a unhealed parent relationship. 

As for me I did them all.

These tools can bring immense healing to oneself, as so it will be brought back into the relationship with ones parents.

As forgiveness, acceptance and compassion will help one into ones now.

When one heals from within it helps to heal all other aspects of ones life.

As anger does not go to the other person it blocks ones own life to flow effortlessly in conscious way. 

As so start with you.

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