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Discover your truth, Go within yourself👁

Self Confidence is the most Liberating thing.

It has to do with knowing I AM LOVE.

One needs no resurgence from anyone, as one has discovered that one is LOVE.

One has no need to hear these words from anyone.

No need for exterior Attention, as one gives oneself this needed inner Attention.

As one has found ones own Self Worth.

One needs not to pay anyone to know this, as one knows this from within oneself at all times.

No doubt, fear or confusion lies here.

When reaching this state not even self love is needed as one is beyond self love, one is Love.

As for me, meditation has granted me this Self Discovery.

As by going within my self, my consciousness started to expand, an inner discovery arose.

That I am the expression of the Universe, as Universe itself.

This is Awakening.

To know that I am beyond my life stories, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here one accept all stories as a mean to discover that I AM LOVE.

In this space, one can be rejected by all, the whole world can say we don’t want you on our planet.

Yet one will always remain as the true self, Love.

One can have 0 friends, yet one knows I AM LOVE.

This is Self Confidence. 

One needs not be accepted by anyone, as one has accepted oneself.

As you see it starts with you.

Not with your Mother, Father, Siblings, Family, Friends, Pastor, Prophet, Guru, Swami, Yoga Teacher, healer, Psychologist, Psychiatrist nor Strangers, it starts with Yourself.

As all person’s are projecting their own mind made objectives, which derives from the EGO.

Only being projects heart.

When one journey’s within one reaches its HEART, which is Home.

One connects with ones own celestial father and mother which is God.

God reveals ALL to you.

It will transform you into your truth, which is LOVE.

Here one gains Universal Consciousness.

Within this flow one is Confidence itself.

Pure Freedom, a Fearless Soul.

One that knows exactly what is deriving from Ego Mind and what is coming from Heart.

As now a days most humans uses their own sense of Entitlement and labels to manipulate others.

One can only manipulate a person who is not awaken yet.

An unawakened person is Powerless. 

As they are easily manipulated and ignorant.

The Unawakened person is needy.

In need of recognition.

The Awakened being has recognized itself.

When one recognizes that they are the Love of God, they will never ever be manipulated.

As this being becomes one with the Cosmo Intelligence, which is the Universal Wisdom and Universal Flow.

This is Power. 

One becomes ones own psychic, one knows immediately when another is lying, just to satisfy their own egoic needs.

Many are being lied and manipulated daily on this Earth, because they haven’t recognized their truth.

Again all an unfolding of God itself.

Yet when one chooses, it is time for my truth, one will discover this truth.

As all answer’s are within you, not within another to tell you, within you.

This is Liberation of Mind.

“Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery none but ourselves can Free our minds”

This Mental Slavery has to do with the conditions set by our upbringing, society and environment.

Only YOU have the Power to Free yourself.

Nobody else !

Discover your truth, Go within yourself.


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